Values of the Coalition


1) rule of law;


2) aspiration for the highest standards in the area of human rights and liberties;


3) sensitivity to diversity;


4) proactive stand, pursuit of pre-emptive tactics;


5) professionalism;


6) adherence to own principles and consistency;


7) aspiration for consensus inside the Coalition;


8) transparency of activity, clarity of the procedures;


9) integrity, which is understood as doing work while choosing methods and means which do not make one ashamed of them;


10) solidarity of the Coalition participants;


11) priority of common interests and needs of discriminated groups over individual needs and interests of a specific discriminated group;


12) acknowledgement of importance and necessity of every organization member of the Coalition’s input;


13) openness to cooperation with other civil society organizations, to acceptance of new members;


14) public accountability, meaning timely provision of information to the public regarding the Coalition’s activity.