Біженці в Україні, рік 2014-й: проблеми та виклики

20 червня, щороку, у всьому світі відзначають Всесвітній День біженця. Так повелося від 2001 р., коли це відзначення офіційно затвердила Генеральна Асамблея ООН. Втім, у новітній історії України проблеми тих, хто змушений залишити домівку і тікати до безпечніших місць, ніколи не були такими актуальними, як 2014-го року. Про них розповіли учасники й учасниці прес-конференції «Біженці в Україні: проблеми та виклики», яка відбулася 20 червня 2014 року в інформаційному агентстві «Інтерфакс-Україна». У заході, організованому Коаліцією з протидії дискримінації в Україні та Центром інформації про права людини, за підтримки Міжнародного фонду «Відродження» та Європейської Комісії, взяли участь представники й представниці громадських організацій та ініціатив, а також представник Уповноваженого Верховної Ради України з прав людини.


Did Ukrainian “improvement” took place in human rights sphere: an opinion from the UN Human Rights Council member states

25 October 2012

The report of Ukraine to the United Nations Human Rights Council in the framework of the Universal Periodic Review's (UPR) second cycle was discussed in Geneva on 24 October 2012.

In 2008 Ukraine has passed the first cycle, when she received 53 recommendations regarding improvement of the human rights situation. This time the state had to report on implementation of recommendations received, and to provide information regarding progress in the area of human rights and their legislative support.


Discrimination on the ground of age: why the employee's age becomes a main criteria in the hiring process?

16 July 2012

Demographic situation in Ukraine remains lamentable for the recent two decades, and by 2025, according to the demographic forecasts, there will be less Ukrainians, and they will be older. Currently there are 86 retired persons per 100 working citizens, and by 2025 their shares will even. Aging of population raises another problem – pressure upon a labor market. This complicated situation is even more difficult to solve not only due to the absence of the efficient state demographic policy; more unsolved problems, such as inefficient optimization of the labor market, fight against unemployment and labor discrimination on the age ground, are the obstacles.


Draft law № 8711, announced as “counteracting homosexualism” - is, in fact, a blow to freedom of expression

More than 100 civil society organizations from Ukraine and other countries supported the Appeal initiated by the Coalition for Combating Discrimination in Ukraine, where they have expressed their indignation over adoption in the first reading of the draft law № 8711. The law in question is aimed at the restriction of freedom of speech and freedom of expression, and the signatories to the Appeal have called upon the parliament to reject it, - says press-service of the Coalition for Combating Discrimination.


Ukraine needs to improve anti-discrimination legislation, experts say

22 November 2012

Real mechanisms of protection from discrimination are absent in Ukraine, thus the law “On principles of prevention and combating discrimination”, recently adopted by the Verkhovna Rada, needs profound changes.

This was discussed during the conference “Forming and implementation of anti-discrimination legislation in Ukraine: role of civic organizations”, organized by the Coalition for Combating Discrimination in Ukraine together with the Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights, supported by International Renaissance Foundation.